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Communities we Serve

When your community joins MEGA’s CCA both you and your neighbors band together to buy electricity as a group — and in the process you gain “buying power” to negotiate the lowest electric rate for everyone in your community. Buying power also means securing a lower price than you would be able to get on your own. This is a significant benefit to be sure, however, this reward is maximized when multiple communities participate in a CCA Group, we call them CCA Aggregations — further strengthening their purchasing influence, and negotiating power.


CCA Aggregations must be made up of communities that are within a clearly defined geographic area. Specifically, all communities and their residents must be served by the same utility, and must be in the same pricing or load zone. MEGA has multiple existing and forming CCA Aggregations in New York State.


To determine if your community is participating in MEGA’s CCA check the list below and click on your community to learn more about your aggregation.

Communities participating in MEGA’s CCA

Can’t find your community but want to join MEGA’s CCA? Contact us and we’ll help.