MEGA CCA - The Power of Aggregation | Garnet Aggregation
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Welcome to MEGA’s Garnet Aggregation

Our aggregation has formed!

The CCA begins in July 2019, prices are fixed through June 2022:

  • 100% renewable electricity: $0.05435/kWh fully fixed for 36 months

Opportunities to opt-down, opt-in and opt-out

Educational Opportunities


    To determine if your community is participating in MEGA’s Garnet Aggregation check our alphabetized list below. Click on each community for local contact information.

    Nelson, Town

    Roger Bradstreet


    315.655.8582 x2


    Debbie Costello

    Town Clerk

    315.655.8582 x1

    Can’t find your community but want to join MEGA’s Garnet Aggregation? Contact us and we’ll help.